Data Science

Duration: 3 Months (60 hrs.)

Objectives :

  • Develop in depth understanding of the key technologies in data science and business analytics, data mining, machine learning, visualization techniques, predictive modeling, and statistics.
  • Apply quantitative modeling and data analysis techniques to the solution of real world business problems, communicate findings, and effectively present results using data visualization techniques.
  • Gain practical, hands-on experience with statistics programming languages and big data tools.

Topics to be covered :

  • Programming for Data Science
  • Statistical Techniques for Data Science
  • Data Scrapping and Wrangling
  • Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Big Data Technologies
  • Machine Learning

Target Students:

  • Any person having a knowledge in programming & mathematics
  • Candidates pursuing courses like Engineering, Science, Management or Finance
  • Candidates completed courses like Engineering, Science, Management or Finance