Solution: Individual

Smart Water bottle

Replacement of Single-Use Plastic Water Bottle by Reusable, Environment Friendly, Self Cleaning, Smart Water Bottle, which works as portable water purifier without wastage of water, kills 99.99% bacteria Et viruses, retains essential minerals and controls Arsenic Et Fluoride through patented filter with additional features like Hydration Tracker for water intake, Flash Light etc.

Unique Selling Point (USP)

  • Purification with zero wastage of water
  • Made with BPA free plastic
  • Reusable
  • Portable
  • Self cleaning
  • Kills 99.99% bacteria & viruses by using UVC technology
  • Patented filter to reduce chlorine, odor, Arsenic, Fluoride & lead in water
  • Retention of essential minerals of water
  • Smart bottle with hydration tracker
  • Bottle with emergency flash light
  • Bottle with USB port & work as emergency power backup

Product life: Two Years

Capacity: 950 ML


  • Frequent Traveler
  • Athletes & Gym Enthusiast
  • Army /Military person
  • College Student
  • Busy Corporate
  • Field Workers
  • Medical Purpose

Solution: Community

Water Purifier Cabinet for Corporate & Domestic Use

The Patented Filtration System Can Be Used for Water Purification at a Larger Scale for the Betterment of The Society in The Form of a 'Water Purifier Cabinet' to Provide Pure & Safe Drinking Water with following features:-

  • 99.99% Bacteria & Virus Free
  • Odor Free
  • Retention of Essential Minerals
  • Reduction of Chlorine, Arsenic & Fluoride within Limit
  • Purification without Wastage of Water


  • House Holds
  • Office
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • School
  • College
  • University
  • Railway station
  • Metro station
  • Airport
  • Shopping mall
  • Cinema hall