Advanced Training on IOT using Arduino Kit and NodeMCU, ESP32

Course Duration: 12 Weeks (48 hrs)

Course Structure:

Module: I (Duration : 4 hours)

  • Introduction to IOT
  • Domain specific IOTs (Home, Cities, Environment, Agriculture etc)
  • Introduction to Arduino UNO / Node MCU
  • IoT and M2M
  • Introduction to Embedded C programming
  • IoT physical Devices , building blocks etc, cloud storage

Module: II (Duration : 8 hours)

  • Main Functions in ARDUINO IDE (Development environment for ARDUINO)
  • Interfacing Electronic Digital (I/O) Hardware peripherals: LED, BUZZER, relay interface , LCD interface, ambient Temperature sensor, Humidity sensor, soil moisture sensor ,Rain sensor, flow sensor etc. Involving adc interface, digital interface , Interrupt handling , 1 wire interface with DS18b20 sensor etc.

Module: III (Duration : 8 hours)

  • Interface of RTC
  • Interface of SD card
  • Temperature Datalogger in SD card

Module: IV (Duration : 28 hours)